Here are the Cup Winners for 2012

W-O-T Society Challenge Shield

Best entry, Vegetable, Fruit & Flower

Sections A, B and C

Gwym James

W-O-T Allotments & Garden Assoc. Cup

Competitor with the most points,

Vegetable Classes, section A

Roger Evely

The Patrick Smith Trophy

Competitor with the best collection of

vegetables, section A

Gwyn James

W-O-T Village Hall Trophy

Competitor with the most points,

Fruit Classes, section C

Not awarded this year

The Dave Preston Cup

Most promising junior gardener, section D

Emilie Hall

The Trustee Savings Bank Trophy

Competitor with the most points,

Flower Arranging Classes, section E

Jennifer Cooper

The Courage Cup Trophy

Best Exhibit Flower Arranging section E

Jennifer Cooper

Park Gardens Nurseries Cup

Best exhibit, Junior Art, section F

Heidi Fraser

W-O-T Flower Show Cup

Best exhibit, Adult Art, section F

Don McFadyen

The Trappings Trophy

Best entry colouring competition, section G

Maisie Addams

The Flower Show Committee Trophy

Best entry, Beer, section H

Stephen Day

The Saywell Veale Cup

Best entry, Wine, section I

Lawrie Webster

The Eastfield Playgroup Trophy

Best entry, Children's Art and Crafts,

Section J

Alexandra Amoroso

The Phillipe Junior Challenge Cup

Competitor with the most points, Children's Art,

Section J

Louis Jones

W-O-T Village Hall Caterer's Cup

Competitor with the most points,

Junior Cookery, section K

George Airs

W-O-T Society Challenge Cup

Competitor with the most points,

Cookery, section K

Katherine Smith

W-O-T Village Hall Caterer's Trophy

Best entry, Cookery, section K

Wendy Morri

The Foresters Arms Cup

Best exhibit, Adult Needlework

& Handicraft Classes, section L

Gill Day

The Leigh Preston Cup

Best exhibit, Photography Classes,

Section M

Francesca Williams
c/o Mr Cockitt

The Frank and Rhoda Richards Trophy

Most outstanding exhibit in the entire show

Heidi Fraser

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