2021 Entry Classes

The theme of the show for 2021 will be Vision 21.

Section AClassVegetables
1Collection of Vegetables (one each of four distinct kinds)
2Five Potatoes
3Five Runner Beans
4Five French Beans
5Three Chillies
6Three Onions (dressed)
7One Misshappen Vegetable
8Three Carrots
9Two Courgettes
10a Truss of Cherry Tomatoes (ripe, unripe or mixed)
11Five Tomatoes
12Three Grobe Beetroots
13A Collection of Fresh Herbs (three distinct kinds in a half pint glass)
Section BPlants and Flowers
14Vase of Roses (no more than 5 stems)
15One Buttonhole Rose (in a small vase)
16Vase of Dahlias
17Vase of Mixed Garden Flowers
18Three Geranium Stems
19Three Hydrangea Heads
20One Indoor Flowering PlantUp to 7″ Pot
21One Foliage PlantUp to 7″ Pot
22A Vase of Mixed Foliage including Red Stems
92A Plant or Produce grown from SusWoT seeds or plants (Sponsored by SusWoT) – Section O
Section C Fruit
23Four Dessert Apples
24Four Cooking Apples
25Four Pears
26A Plate of Red FruitUp to 8″ Dia.
27A Plate of any other FruitUp to 8″ Dia.
Section DJunior Gardeners
Up to Age 1628Cress Grown in Sections of an Egg Carton to make a pair of spectacles
Up to Age 1629Three Radishes
Up to Age 1630A Container of Floating FlowersUp to 6″ Dia.
Up to Age 1631Create a Garden on a Dinner Plate incorporating a Tower
Up to Age 1632A Vase of Named Herbs (3 or more)
Up to Age 1633A Face made from Edible Garden Produce on a PlateUp to 8″ Dia.
Section XXLBig is Beautiful
34Heaviest Three Cleaned Potatoes (weighed together)
35Biggest and Best Grown Onion
36Heaviest Pumpkin
37Longest Runner Bean
38Longest Carrot (root not foliage)
39Longest Stick of Rhubarb
Section EFlower Arranging
41A Delicate Image10 cm max
42‘Candleglow’ – an Arrangement incorporating Candles50cm max
43An Arrangement inspired by the phrase ‘Walking into the Future’50cm max
Up to Age 1644An Arrangement in a Mug50cm max
Section FArt for All (Any Medium)
Up to Age 1045Inspired by a RainbowUp to A4
Age 11-1646A Welcome SightUp to A4
Adults47A Welcome SightUp to 45cmx50cm
Section GColouring and Handwriting
Age 3-548See below for Picture to Download
Age 6-1049See below for Picture to Download
Age 7-1250See below for Poem to Download
Section JChildren’s Arts and Crafts
Age 0-451Decorate a Cardboard Plate
Age 0-452A Picture using Stickers
Age 5-753Make a Pair of Cardboard Binoculars
Age 5-754A Play Doh Model
Age 8-1155A Lego ModelMaxfootprint A4
Age 8-1156An Item made from Fabric or Wool
Age 12-1657A Zentangle PictureA5 size
Age 12-1658Make something Up-cycled
Section KCookery (all items to arrive covered with a transparent lid, clingfilm or ziplock bag)
59Victoria Sandwich (Jam Filled, no Cream)8″ Dia
60Three Iced Bakewell Tartlets
61Three Chelsea Buns
62Three Shortbread Pieces
63Pot of Jam
64Pot of Jelly
65Pot of Marmalade
66Pot of Chutney
67Pot of Curd
94A Vegetarian Dish (sweet or savoury) where the main ingredient is home grown (Sponsored by SusWoT) – Section O
Up to Age 1068Three Face Decorated Cookies
Up to Age 1069Three Butterfly Cakes
Age 11-1670Chocolate CakeUp to 8″ Dia
Age 11-1671Three Stained Glass Window Biscuits
Age 1-1672Six Cheese Straws
Men Only74A French Apple TartUp to 8″ Dia.
Section LNeedlework (must not exceed 26″x26″, 65cmx65cm)
75A Spectacle Case
76An item of Cross Stitch
77Any Article of Embroidery, other than Cross Stitch, by Hand or Machine
78An item of Clothing for a Baby, Knitted or Crocheted
79A Miniature item ‘An Eye for Details’Max 5″
80A Toy – Crocheted, Knitted or Sewn
81Any other Article Crocheted, Knitted or Sewn
Section MPhotography (Black&White or Colour, Max 10″x8″ unmounted)
83‘Watch the Birdie’
93‘What’s that Litter doing There?’ (Sponsored by SusWoT) – Section O
Up to Age 1686‘Reflections’
Section NHandicrafts (Must not exceed 26″x26″, 65cmx65cm)
87Seen Better Days – An Up-cycled Items
88An Items of Woodwork or Metalwork
89A Paper ‘Plane made from an A4 piece of paper, judged by design and flight distance in the side garden on Friday Night
90A Beaded Item
91A Pop-up Greetings Card
Section OSusWoT Sponsord – Also Listed in Sections B, K & M
92A Plant or Produce grown from SusWoT seeds or plants
93A Photograph – What’s that Litter doing There?’
94A Vegetarian Dish (sweet or savoury) where the main ingredient is home grown

We See Leaves

We see orange

We see brown

We see Leaves

on the ground

We see yellow

We see red

We see leaves

above our heads