Entry Information

General Rules for Competitors and Exhibitors

Prizes for Exhibitors, all sections and classes:

1st – £1 & 4 pts;  2nd – 75p & 3 pts;  3rd – 50p & 2 pts;  Highly Comm’d – 1 pt

Entrants are advised that the personal/contact details they include on the entry form are retained by the Committee purely for the purposes of notifying prize winners.  Once prize winners have been notified all entry forms are securely disposed of.  No details relating to show entrants are retained or passed to third parties.  Please note the names of prize winners will be displayed on the day, published on our website and in next year’s schedule.

1Competitors must fill in an entry form (see above) and send it together with entrance fees to the committee on or before 5pm on the last Tuesday before the show
2There is a minimum entry fee for adult competitors of £1.00 which allows each competitor entry in up to five classes. The sixth and subsequent entries are each 20p. Fees for children are 20p each entry with no minimum.
3The Hall will be open for the staging of exhibits from 7.00p.m. – 9.00p.m. on the Friday, the day before the show.
4Class cards should be placed on each exhibit by the Exhibitor with name face downwards. These can be obtained from the Committee on the Friday, the day before the show. No cards can be sent by post.
5All flowers and vegetables must have been cultivated by the exhibitor for at least two months, with the exception of the flower arranging classes.
6Entrants in the Junior Gardener Section and the children only classes must make and stage their own exhibits.
7Exhibits in the Art, Needlework, Handicrafts and Photography Sections must be original work which has not won a prize in a previous WoT Village Show.
8All Exhibits must be the work of the Exhibitor, but must not show their name.
9Notice of objection to any exhibit or Exhibitor must be made in writing to the Committee before 4.00 p.m. on the day of the show with a deposit of £5.00, which will only be returned if the objection is sustained.
10The decision of the judges will be final, and they may withhold any prize if the exhibits are not in their opinion of sufficient merit.
11No Competitor will be allowed to enter more than one exhibit in any particular class.
12Each Competitor will receive a ½ price pass allowing a visit to the Show. Exhibitors in the show will be admitted free after 4.00 p.m. to allow removal of exhibits according to the time specified in rule 13.
13NO EXHIBITS OR PARTS OF EXHIBITS WHATSOEVER SHALL BE REMOVED BEFORE  5:00 p.m. ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW. It is then the duty of each Exhibitor to see that the rightful owner removes the exhibits before 5:15 p.m. The committee reserves the right to dispose of uncollected exhibits after this time.
14Tables will be covered with white cloths; all other requirements will have to be found by the Exhibitor.
15In the interests of the Show, all Exhibitors are asked to see that their exhibits are disease and pest free.
16Exhibitors are requested, wherever possible, to name the variety of their exhibits.
17The committee reserve the right to move any of the exhibits if absolutely necessary, even after they have been staged by the exhibitor. Please consult a committee member when staging to minimise this possibility.
18Liability for Damage, etc. The Committee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss to persons or property in any way arising out of or connected with the Show. The Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for loss or damage to or by any property exhibited by them and shall indemnify the Committee against all claims in connection therewith.
19Anyone who is employed as a gardener, either part or full time will be allowed to exhibit in their own name, only produce from their own garden or allotment. Produce from an employer’s garden must be exhibited in the employer’s name.
20The Committee reserves to itself the sole and absolute right to interpret the regulations printed in the Schedule.
21The Committee reserves the right to visit, before and after the Show, any land from which plants, flowers or vegetables have been grown and entered for competition.
22The Committee reserve the right to object to any exhibit and have power to settle any dispute arising for which these regulations do not provide, and their decision is final.
23No Trade Cards will be allowed on competitive exhibits. Announcements that they have been grown from “Messrs……..Seeds” or with “Messrs……..Manure” are strictly prohibited.
 24For hygiene reasons all food must be covered with a transparent cover (eg zip lock bag, cling film or glass lid)
25Trophy winners must return their trophies to a Committee member no later than 31st July 2024